Sale of real estates

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The sale of real estates is a demanding business transaction which comprises of several process steps and requires quite demanding legal operations. The cooperation with a professional real estate agent can accelerate the whole process, reach the highest possible sale price, and save many problems.

Independent researches have shown that clients using the services of experienced real estate agents sell their property for higher prices and during shorter period than people selling the property themselves.

The review of provided services:

  • Thorough inspection of the sold real estate and the specification of optimum sale price based on the market analysis

  • Processing the professional offer presentation of the sold real estate for its further marketing including Services Home Staging – FREE

  • The provision of processing the obligatory energy consumption label for the sold real estate (PENB)

  • The processing of the real estate in information system MAXIS RE/MAX and the inclusion in the advertising presentation including the automatic use of the internal system for inquiry, the offer, and pairing the registered inquiring clients of RE/MAX

  • regular reporting of the real estate agent on the existing activities and the sale process, passing feedback from the inquiring persons, from persons interested after open house, etc.

  • The qualification of the purchasers (their suitability, credibility), consequent organisation of a visit in the real estate with the clients

  • Complete mortgage service within the service of RE/MAX Mortgage for the purchasers and as required

  • The provision of safe keeping of the purchase price at the attorney

  • The provision of complete legal service and advertising related to the sale of real estate, i.e. the completion of e.g. reservation contract, option to purchase contract, contract on the transfer of right at DB, purchase contracts, proposal for contribution, handover protocols, etc.

  • The organisation of the signatures on for the contracting documents including the verification of signatures in the office

  • The provision of actual records from the Land Registry

  • Payment for stamp duties including the notary verified signatures

  • Handing over the real estates to the new owner including the handing over protocol

  • The provision of contact for the appraiser for the purposes of tax return (real estate transfer tax)

  • The provision of tax return from real estate transfer tax from agreed safekeeping

  • Help with the transfer of payments for energy consumption (E-On, ČEZ, gasworks, waterworks, etc

  • Further post-sale service including the loyalty program for our customers

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